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The possibility of true intimacy exists between you and your partner, your current partner or the partner you hope to find someday. By this, we mean a state of grace in which masks and roles are dropped, the fears, the wounds, the non-essential part of your human personality and from this state of grace, your soul, the eternal part of your experience, can bind itself deeply with the soul of your beloved. We have all experienced this state of grace, these deep and unlimited connections, but for most us these are fleeting, elusive moments, flashes that allow us to glimpse the possibility of a soul to soul intimacy without giving us keys to recreate them at will.

Imagine that you could transform the part of your life called sexual relations. Imagine a physical intimacy in which desire, pleasure, even passion can resonate in your higher chakrahs, in your heart chakrah, in your third eye… where they illuminate the highest aspects of your being with a pure and powerful energy. That is the promise, the potential of Tantra. But the promise of Tantra is not limited to physical intimacy. Imagine that this deep bond, of a physical and sexual nature, can create subtle energy connections that unite you with your partner in the other aspects of your intimacy. In everyday life, in family life, in moments of emotional sharing, even in moments of friction and disharmony. That is where the true promise of Tantra lies. A conscious and intentional attunement of your energy with the energy of your beloved that can transform every aspect of your relationship, your current relationship, or the relationship that you hope to create some day.

Our experience of this reality takes place simultaneously on several planes. First of all, we experience reality with our physical senses. A major part of our experience comes from what we perceive through this vehicle of flesh, as we inhabit, temporarily, the body of this little creature of the human species. It is this little creature that feels the desire of the other, the pleasure and passion, as well as the hurts and the fears.

But we also have an emotional body and a mental body, and it is from these two energy fields that we experience the love and the heart connection with our loved ones. However, our experience is not limited to these three bodies. There is a subtle and eternal dimension of our human experience that we call the soul, spirit, or consciousness. Can this aspect of our human experience participate in physical intimacy?

According to the sages of Tantra, the so-called sexual energy, the kundalini, the Shakti, the chi, can be directed consciously toward the higher energy centres of our body, toward the heart chakrah and the third eye. This energy, originating in the physical body, can become more subtle and at the same time more powerful, radiating into the highest aspects of our being. In a mysterious communion, our soul joins the soul of our partner in the divine union of the masculine and feminine principles.

We don't claim to teach you Tantra as it is taught by the Hindu yogis. The traditional tantric path implies years of training and practice, and in this millennial tradition, there exist hundreds of different schools, thousands of different techniques, sometimes contradictory. Neither do we claim that you will master tantric ecstasy in a workshop of three days.

Nevertheless, we propose three days of practices, exercises and experiences that will permit you to glimpse the possibility of such a transformation of your physical intimacy and of your relationship. Three days of practices, exercises and experiences, shared with other couples and other single participants… to show you the path, to give you the tools and practices that will permit you to continue on this road. And we will suggest supplementary practices and the additional resources that will help you to deepen your knowledge and your commitment, if this is your desire.

Perhaps you have heard of Tantra as a kind of super-sexuality. "Take a Tantra workshop! Become a master of lovemaking! Learn to satisfy the most demanding partner!"

In the "Loving Spirit" workshop we propose something different. We propose a transformation of your physical intimacy. A workshop that helps you to become not the super-lover, but the divine lover.

First of all, this transformation implies a new attitude towards this aspect of your life and your relationship. Therefore we will be examining closely the attitudes, often unconscious, that limit and reduce our potential as lovers. Think about your so-called sexual education, an education based in part on school-yard jokes, on pornographic pictures, on your first intimate experiences, sometimes clumsy, often painful, and you will realise that we have all received a conditioning that systematically denies the mysterious and sacred aspects of the physical intimacy. In examining these attitudes we hope to discover our sexual wounds with the intention of healing them.

We are going to talk a lot about the sacred, of the feeling of the sacred, how to surround your intimacy of this eternal and magic space that is the sacred. What is the sacred? How is it different from the profane? Why is it important?

Unless you have had the privilege of growing up within a living spiritual tradition, it is unlikely that you have had frequent contact with the sacred.

However, the sacred surrounds us, it waits at our door. In the workshop, we are going to open this door and explore together this dimension of the human experience.

Let's come back to the idea that we experience life with the physical, the emotional and the mental bodies. Tantra, as the science of the energy that circulates between a man and a woman, examines the role of the physical body in sacred intimacy. This energy, most powerful of the bodily energies, an energy that we normally experiment as desire, pleasure, excitement, passion… where does it come from? What are the practices that permit us to increase this energy, to nourish it, to cultivate it and to direct it through our chakrahs? What muscles are involved, what organs? Is it possible to develop these muscles with exercise, to nourish these organs with herbs, with essential oils, with perfumes? These are the kinds of questions that the "Loving Spirit" workshop addresses.

It should be obvious that the emotional body plays a very important role in sacred intimacy. Just as our sexual education was often distorted by values of society, our emotional education was limited, and often misguided. What are the attitudes that prevent us from expressing freely and authentically the love that we feel toward our beloved? Are there exercises and practices that develop our emotional bodies, that increase the strength and the depth of our emotional responses? Here is another part important of teachings that we offer you in the "Loving Spirit" workshop.

Without a doubt the mental body also plays a role in the quest for genuine intimacy. In the context of teachings of the "Loving Spirit" workshop, we examine the mental body as being the part of us that directs the conscious will: The will to learn a new skill, the will to face our fears, the will to heal, the will to commit to a spiritual path. It is paradoxical, but seen this way, the mental body is also the part of us that prevents us from making decisions, from committing ourselves, from directing our will to reach the goals that we chose. It is the part of us that whispers us, "I don't have the time, I'm no good at that, I am afraid to commit myself, I am afraid to show my vulnerability…

The teachings of the "Loving Spirit" workshop touch the deepest aspects of our being, often the most wounded, and therefore the most protected. For this reason, during the three days of the workshop we repeatedly give particular attention to messages of the mental body, especially to the messages that limit our sexual, emotional and spiritual potential. It is sometimes hard work, it is sometimes painful, but it is always enriching.

The workshop, as we have designed it, will be a very fertile terrain for this work, the work of facing the beliefs and the fears that limit us. When you are across from your partner, who wishes for you the highest manifestation of your potential, when you are surrounded by other participants who have committed authentically to the same effort, the workshop becomes a space where the desire for transformation is increased by the simple fact that it is shared and sustained by the group.

Is your mental body suggesting to you that you are not ready for this work? Let's examine some of the most common fears:

I am not ready for this workshop. I am too shy.

All the exercises in the workshop take place fully clothed. In as much as the intimacy that we are proposing is energetic in nature, the presence of clothes doesn't limit in principle a deep experience of tantric connections. However, you will be asked to open yourself to exercises that imply a certain intimacy, or at least a certain physical proximity. The exercises are conceived so that there will always be a choice of possibilities for every exercise, so that it is you, in agreement with your partner, who decide the level of intimacy and openness that you feel is appropriate. Likewise for the exercises that concern the emotional body. For all of the exercises that create an emotional opening, you will always have several possibilities, several variations. You will never be pushed beyond the limits that you fix. And although you are encouraged to examine limits that you place provisionally on your experience, you will never be judged. In the "Loving Spirit" workshop you are responsible for your choices and your experience belongs to you.

The possibility of choosing the level of openness in the present moment is especially well suited to the single people who participate in the workshop. It is understandable that the idea of doing exercises that imply a certain physical intimacy with a person that you don't know well might make you uneasy at this point. Rest assured. The exercises that we propose are such that, with a little good will and a sincere desire to learn, you will be able to commit to the exercise as completely as the couples.

In addition, it is our objective to create an atmosphere where the divine in you speaks to the divine in your partner, in such as way that remaining open will be easy, even when you are sharing the exercise with another single people.

Perhaps it is another fear that makes you hesitate. Maybe your mental body is telling you…

I want to participate in the workshop, but I, afraid that my partner doesn't want to.

Of course, we hope that couples who feel a commitment towards their relationship will take the workshop together. But there may be cases where your partner is not ready for the workshop but would be completely open to studying tantra with you in the intimacy of your home. All the participants of the workshop will receive a workbook that explains in detail all the exercises and practices studied in the course of the workshop. If you participate as a single person, for lack of a partner, this workbook will permit you to share your knowledge with your partner, present or future.

Rather than suggest other fears that might prevent you from participating in the workshop, we prefer to encourage you to determine if the obstacles that your mental body might be suggesting are real or imaginary. Ecstasy and a profound and rich intimacy are yours; they are your birthright.
If you decide to undertake this magnificent journey, it will be our pleasure to accompany you.

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The English-language version of the « Loving Spirit » workshop had its debut in Reading, England, in May, 2001. A series of workshops are planned for the United States and the British Isles. Please consult the Calendar of Workshops, the FAQ (frequently asked questions) and Comments of Workshop Participants. If you wish to receive via email the current program of « Loving Spirit » workshops, please fill out this form. If you wish to organize a « Loving Spirit » workshop in your region, please fill out this form. Workshop organizers attend the workshop for free and receive a percentage of the profits.

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