« the Loving Spirit » workshop in southern California

For the past 10 years, we have been leading a couples workshop in French-speaking Europe (France, Belgium, and Switzerland). We have been privileged to work with the hundreds of couples who came to our workshop with a sincere desire to deepen their loving relationship. From the public and private feed-back we have received, we know that many of these couples returned home inspired to improve their relationship with the tools and techniques that we shared with them during our workshop.

Starting in 2012, we will be sharing these tools and techniques with couples in southern California.

From talking to couples in America about our work, we have come to understand that American couples differ from European couples in their needs and their expectations. For this reason, we have modified both the format and the content of our workshop to make a better fit with southern California audiences.

Please read carefully the paragraphs that follow, as they will help you to understand how our southern California workshops differ from our European workshops as they are described on the other pages of our site.

Couples workshop? Tantra workshop?

Over the three days of the workshop, our primary focus is to share with couples the various tools, techniques, practices, and activities, which create deeper, more creative, more meaningful relationships.

Among our participants, you will find couples in crisis as well as couples with solid relationships, you will find couples just starting out as well as couples with thirty years of married life behind them. The common thread uniting them all is a sincere desire to deepen their relationship in a conscious manner. You are all familiar with the concept of a "personal growth workshop". We consider our workshop a "couples growth workshop".

Many Americans are therefore surprised that we associate our workshop with the word Tantra. This requires some explanation.

Because of the types of activities that have been proposed in Tantra workshops in the US, many people associate Tantra workshops with sex. Without a doubt, in some Tantra workshops you can find any or all of the following: explicit sex, partner 'sharing', nudity, teachings about super-sex (multiple orgasms, marathon sex sessions, etc.), and more.

NONE of these activities are part of « the Loving Spirit » workshop.

In the course of our workshop, we DO talk about physical intimacy. How can you talk meaningfully about relationships without touching on this subject?

It is NOT the focus of our work, however. And physical intimacy is always discussed with delicacy, discretion, and a respect for individual comfort levels.

Why then do we use the word Tantra?

In the broadest sense, we believe that the Tantra tradition within Hinduism elevates the couple and the potentialities of a loving relationship. Tantra teaches us that a conscious cultivation and harmonization of male and female energies can lead to personal growth, to higher consciousness, and to love and ecstasy. Our workshop draws its inspiration from this idea. As you explore our site and you encounter the word Tantra, please keep this ideal in mind.

Sacred Intimacy?

On our website banner, we call our workshop "An Initiation in Sacred Intimacy".

Many people are wary of the word "sacred" in this context. They associate the word "sacred" with…

1. Painful experiences they have had with organized religion, often during their childhood
2. Sects (and certain gurus) that manipulate their followers
3. Empty rituals and ceremonies devoid of genuine spirituality

The concept of the "sacred" as it relates to the couple is a topic we develop fully over the three days of the workshop. A brief (and necessarily incomplete) explanation would be this:

In Webster's dictionary we find that three of the definitions of "sacred" relate to religion and to worship. However, in this same dictionary we find that sacred can ALSO mean…

entitled to reverence and respect


highly valued and important

Can you imagine learning new ways of living your relationship with
"reverence and respect"? Can you imagine learning new ways of showing your partner that he/she is "highly valued and important"? If you can, then you should have no trouble integrating our teachings concerning "sacred intimacy".

How to explore our site

We have included a lot of information on our site about the workshop and about the Tantra tradition. For those of you who are considering taking the workshop, we especially encourage you to look at the photographs taken during our workshops and to read the testimonials of our participants. The images and texts together will give you a very good sense of how YOUR relationship might benefit from the teachings of « the Loving Spirit ».

We look forward to meeting you at the workshop!

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