Comments of Participants
of « the Loving Spirit » workshop

"One of the most fundamental and valuable trainings that I have known, and ONE that I would want recommend to EVERYONE!"

"I have taken many Tantra workshops, but this one is the workshop that best presented the most sacred aspects of the Tantra. As I leave the workshop to resume my everyday life, I take with me a profusion of quality tools, and most especially the firm decision to live my sexuality in this beautiful way. Thank you."

"An enriching experience... a new light on oneself... an opening toward other people... an awakening to the sacred dimension existing in each of us, waiting to be given life."

"This Tantra workshop renewed our sexual life... gave it another dimension. What we learned in the workshop will give us pleasure for the next ten years... at the very least!"

the Loving Spirit... it is an unforgettable journey toward the creation of a TRULY harmonious sexual intimacy! Thank you!"

"A workshop that came at just the right moment to introduce the sacred and the spiritual into our relationship of many years. I am delighted to have participated in this workshop. I cannot say enough to encourage those who hesitate, those who think they are 'not quite ready' to live for themselves these very human [and very divine] experiences... To learn to become a fully-actualised being in your life and especially in the practice of your sexuality... there is a beautiful, a magnificent experience waiting for you."

"We leave the workshop bigger, richer, and excited by the possibilities for our relationship. Our evolution will proceed by leaps and bounds if we can integrate into our relationship these magnificent teachings. Three days of renewal and intimacy for our relationship. If all the couples on earth took this workshop, tomorrow's world would be a paradise."

"No Tantra without love, no love without Tantra. Jeff and Géralde, in your image this workshop breathes the subtlety, the intelligence of the heart, and the respect of others. Your workshop leaves me with a hymn to Love. A big step toward self-realisation."

"Thank you infinitely from the bottom of my heart for the quality of this workshop... for the richness of the content... for the climate of non-judgement and respect... its 'progressive' approach leading to the depth and the intensity of the exercises... for the importance given to the Sacred and the Divine."

"Thank you for this opportunity to rediscover our relationship. For years I have waited for this moment, the moment that permitted me to contact, authentically, the man of my life. Through what we experienced in the course of the workshop, we now have everything we need to blossom as a couple."

"Jeff's very way of being gives form to the sacred dimension of a workshop on Tantra."

"The workshop revealed to me my connection with the divine…. A powerful, unforgettable moment, decisive in my life."

"This workshop permitted me to rediscover the sacred aspect of the couple, presented in series of building blocks... tenderness and authenticity; speaking the truth; the discovery of the divinity of the other... practices that permit me live a relationship in all its richness."

"Thank you both to have permitted me to rediscover this sacred space inside of me, a dimension of the communion with life, a dimension of silence where I can hear the universes inside and outside all over again, in unison. Through your teachings, I am reborn in the world of the divine."

"Thanks to the workshop leaders for their generosity and openness, and for their respect for the different sensibilities of the participants, for the diversity of their approaches to the material. It is my feeling is that
everyone can benefit from this work."

"To recover the sacred, the divine unity. To approach my partner with autonomy and love. To free myself from the anxiety, to free myself from everything that is not love. A liberating workshop, that allowed us to recover the serenity, indispensable for every couple, indispensable for each individual, and to recover the true value of the act of loving."

"[The workshop was] a subtle mixture of seriousness and tenderness. Three days dedicated to rediscover the happiness of uniting with the Treasure hidden in the depths of our hearts: Love."

"Unconditional Love, an immense warmth, an intense sharing with the other participants... carried me through the three days of this workshop. Thanks to the support of the group and the generosity of the workshop leaders, this workshop permitted me to become fully conscious of who I am. This self-knowledge allowed me to enter into an almost cosmic intimacy with my partner. An veritable revelation concerning myself, my partner, our relationship!"

"An enriching experience... love with a capital 'L' in all its manifestations: body, mind, and soul ... A giant step forward in self-knowledge."

"A discovery of the sacred sense of relationships."

"I lived and felt, during these three days, the authenticity, the beauty, the wonder of the discovery of Tantra, presented in the highest respect of myself and others. A very beautiful gift to offer to oneself. Thank you."

"This workshop gave us an understanding of the breadth of what we can discover and share in joy and the pleasure..."

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The English-language version of the « Loving Spirit » workshop had its debut in Reading, England, in May, 2001. A series of workshops are planned for the United States and the British Isles. Please consult the Calendar of Workshops, the FAQ (frequently asked questions) and Comments of Workshop Participants. If you wish to receive via email the current program of « Loving Spirit » workshops, please fill out this form. If you wish to organize a « Loving Spirit » workshop in your region, please fill out this form. Workshop organizers attend the workshop for free and receive a percentage of the profits.

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