Question: What is the cost of the workshop ?

Answer: In Europe, the workshop costs 400 Euros per couple (or the equivalent). The workshop fee covers three FULL days of training, a Guide detailing all of the exercices and information covered in the workshop, and a mandala. You can receive a discount of 25% if you enrol (with a deposit) at least three weeks before the beginning of the workshop.

Question: What is the schedule of the workshop ?

Answer: The workshop lasts three days (normally Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). The workshop starts each morning punctually at 9:30 am. There will be coffee and tea available every morning beginning at 9:00 am. If you can arrive at 9:00 am, you will have the time to get to know the other participants and to begin the day in a calm space. With your help, we will finish at 6:00 pm (5:00 pm the final day).

Question: Can I participate in the workshop without a partner ?

Answer: « the Loving Spirit », an initiation in sacred intimacy, is conceived as a workshop for COUPLES. However, we often welcome people [desirous of learning about sacred intimacy] who don't have an intimate partner or who haven't succeeded in convincing their current partner to participate in the workshop. These people come to the workshop with a friend of the opposite sex similarly motivated to learn the practices that we teach in the workshop. It is our experience that these people leave the workshop inspired to share what they learned with their present [or future] partner. If you have questions or concerns about participating in the workshop with a friend or acquaintance, contact Jeff or Geralde using the email addresses found on this page.

Question: I'm afraid that the exercises might be too intimate for me.

Answer: All exercises of the workshop take place fully clothed. In as much as the intimacy that we propose to you is energetic in nature, the presence of clothes doesn't limit in principle a deep experience of the power of Tantra . However, you will be asked to open yourself to sensations and to exchanges that imply a certain intimacy, or at the least a certain physical proximity. But all the exercises are designed such that there will always be a choice of different possibilities for every exercise, so that it is you, in agreement with your partner, who decides the level of intimacy and the level of openness that you feel comfortable with.

Question: What should I bring to the workshop ?

Answer: You should bring…

The English-language version of the « Loving Spirit » workshop had its debut in Reading, England, in May, 2001. A series of workshops are planned for the United States and the British Isles. Please consult the Calendar of Workshops, the FAQ (frequently asked questions) and Comments of Workshop Participants. If you wish to receive via email the current program of « Loving Spirit » workshops, please fill out this form. If you wish to organize a « Loving Spirit » workshop in your region, please fill out this form. Workshop organizers attend the workshop for free and receive a percentage of the profits.

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