• Does your relationship reflect your spiritual path?
  • Are you able to express the love you feel with all aspects of your being: body, heart, and mind?
  • Would like to harmonise your energy with the energy of your beloved, in daily life as well as during the most intimate moments?

Explore with us the path of sacred intimacy !

In the west, Tantra is often understood as practices that are strictly sexual in nature. In reality, the teachings of the ancient science of Tantra are far more vast and lead to experiences deeper and richer than bodily pleasure: they lead us to a harmony of our masculine and feminine energies, carefully cultivated in a way that enables us to feel a transcendental kind of love, to reach a higher level of consciousness, and to experience the divine union of Shiva and Shakti.

The path of Tantra, as it is practised in the Hindu tradition, requires a discipline and a devotion that is rarely in accord with modern life-styles.

However, the power of tantric love can be experienced through simple practices, within the reach of everyone.

In "The Loving Spirit" workshop, you will learn...

If you are intrigued by the idea of transforming the physical and emotional aspects of your relationship so that they are in harmony with your spiritual path, we invite you to explore our site.

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