Thierry Leprince is a multi-talented Gemini (Pisces rising, Libra moon), an adult child of the sixties whose explorations of consciousness led him to the ecstatic possibilities of physical intimacy. Thierry has studied Tantra with three of the best-known American masters, and has drawn on these and other sources to create the unique approach and content of "the Loving Spirit" workshop. His professional experience in writing, computers, teaching, graphic design, and personal development have given him the tools he needed to develop the award-winning multi-media teaching materials which complement the workshop. Thierry has lead personal growth workshops in three languages on four continents over the last fifteen years. He also leads a workshop on the Kabbalah : « letters of fire » - the Hebrew letters and the Kabbalah. He currently divides his time between California and Belgium. Click here to send a message to Thierry.

A childhood spent in beatnik circles and a nomadic existence in Europe, the United States, and the south Pacific, followed by art school (right-brain) did little to prepare Géralde Carpentier [Libra, Scorpio rising, moon in Aquarius] for a twenty-five year career as a corporate executive and a consultant in accounting and human resources (left-brain). The common thread in her rich and tumultuous life is her passion for that extraordinary experience we call Life, for personal growth, and for a connection with powerful subtle energies, passions that led her to Tantra. Géralde also leads a movement class for women called 'the Happy Body!' She currently divides her time between California and Belgium. Click here to send a message to Géralde.

Thierry and Géralde at a tender age...

Other photos of Thierry and Géralde...

The English-language version of the « Loving Spirit » workshop had its debut in Reading, England, in May, 2001. A series of workshops are planned for the United States and the British Isles. Please consult the Calendar of Workshops, the FAQ (frequently asked questions) and Comments of Workshop Participants. If you wish to receive via email the current program of « Loving Spirit » workshops, please fill out this form. If you wish to organize a « Loving Spirit » workshop in your region, please fill out this form. Workshop organizers attend the workshop for free and receive a percentage of the profits.

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